Day Nineteen

2013 May 13 SenecaFalls NY-NFallsCan 013A quick breakfast at the hotel and we were on the road.  Keeping us entertained along the way is Robert Ludlum’s Scorpio Illusion on audio, read by none other than Robert Lansing.  Needless to say, it is a fun addition to the landscape and the beautiful views

Our first stop was Seneca Falls where there is a National Park dedicated to the Woman’s Suffrage Movement.  The information was superbly displayed and the film tugged at my emotions!  There are still so many ways that women are not yet fully equal in our society even in the Twenty-First Century.

2013 May 13 SenecaFalls NY-NFallsCan 031We made a quick stop in Buffalo, NY to see the site where Teddy Roosevelt was inaugurated and then, along the route to the Peace Bridge into Canada, I saw another point of interest.  Stopped at a red light, I noticed Holy Angels Parish, where the Oblates of Mary Immaculate had established a church in the 1800’s.  If I remember correctly, I believe that was where a dear friend was stationed early in his priestly career.

2013 May 12-13 Falls etc - tiny 047Finding our way to our hotel in Niagara Falls, Canada, we quickly unloaded and then walked down to the falls in the late afternoon sunlight.  Although cold, it was extraordinary!  So much natural beauty and such a force of nature!  After walking a couple of miles, stopping for pictures at every new angle, we rested and refueled with hamburgers at a lovely restaurant overlooking the falls.  2013 May 12-13 Falls etc - tiny 075The waitress was so friendly and offered to take our picture.

Walking back to the hotel we both remarked how fortunate we are to have this time; to be in this place; and to have each other!  All grace!

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