On the Oregon Trail


Leaving home we headed East and found our way into the heat. 95 at one point along the great Columbia River. The landscape looked like giant sand dunes built up from the river banks – or carved out by the river. 

Very little freeway driving today as we headed for Whitman Mission Historical Site where we stopped to take in the history and the beauty. 

What a lesson to be learned from the terrible events that happened there in the 1840’s.  First is respect for all who appear different from ourselves. Second, that we are created filled with goodness. And third, that we are all loved equally by our Heavenly Creator.

We walked along a part of the Oregon Trail and imagined what it must have been like to travel this country in a covered wagon.


There was grace in every sight, every breath, every thought. So many have traveled this path and have lived a history before us.

Staying in Walla Walla tonight and grateful we are not in wagons!