And more of Texas: Day 10

We left Fredericksburg early this morning and headed toward the LBJ National Historic Site, the place of the Johnson Ranch and the Summer White House during the years he was president.wpid-wp-1435274172624.jpeg  Along the way we passed Texas peach orchards and had to stop at a stand so we could experience some of the sweetness of Texas sunshine.

There were also  some vineyards along the way throughout this beautiful hill country of Texas.

We also passed the most beautiful roadside wild flowers. wpid-wp-1435274466697.jpeg When I inquired what kind of flowers they were, a woman kindly told me, “Oh, we call them DYF’s.”  I must have had a quizzical look on my face because she laughed and explained, “Durn yellow flowers.”  So, now I know!  Although, they didn’t seem “durn” to me at all.  I thought they were beautiful.

We walked through the house where LBJ was born, wpid-wp-1435274618804.jpeg passed the one-room schoolhouse where he went to school, wpid-wp-1435274642798.jpegand went on a tour through the Summer White House.


2015-06-25 10.56.09The ranch was a peaceful and inspiring place. I always find it fascinating to be in the environs where some famous  personality grew up.  Was it nature or nurture that affected him most?




His mother clearly thought it was his nature.  Her words under this picture inspired me to see the hidden potential, not just in my own children, but in every person I encounter.  Her words: “Course, it’s a mother talking, but from the first time I looked in his eyes,  none of his accomplishments have surprised me.”  Perhaps it’s wisdom we could apply to ourselves as well.  Nothing we are capable of accomplishing should surprise us!

Even in the little gift shop I was moved by some words of President Johnson.  Apparently, he was a lavish gift giver and always wanted his staff and visiting dignitaries to know how much he valued them. wpid-wp-1435275033449.jpeg I read on a small card where he was quoted as saying that the giving of gifts was a great opportunity “for engraving my spirit on the hearts and minds of people.”  I really had to stop and think about that one for a minute.  How much time do we spend thinking about “engraving our spirit on the hearts and minds of people?”  And how much time should we be spending doing that?  It takes a great awareness and a great spirit to know the value of those words. And, it takes a humble spirit to receive the engraving with gracious acceptance.  Perhaps we need to work at doing both.2015-06-25 12.20.42

And, a final inspirational message from a great man who knew the value of working together.  It is all of us, cooperating and working together that makes this nation great.

From the Johnson Ranch, we stopped at Johnson City, which was the town closest to the ranch, and then we went on another hour down the road and found our way into the beautiful city of San Antonio.

2015-06-25 16.11.35But, one stop before arriving in the city center, we went out to Lachland AFB to see their Airman’s Museum and photograph their WWII ear B-17 bomber.  “Heaven’s Above” is on static display on their parade ground, and it was a beautiful day for a portrait.

2015-06-25 19.51.12After a nerve wracking drive into the center of the city at rush hour, we parked the car at the hotel and had a leisurely walk to the Old Market for an enchilada and some nachos.  It was a lovely evening, if hot and humid, and we were grateful for the walk.

A day chocked full of experiences, memories, beautiful landscapes, ranches, an inspirational figure, profound wisdom and good food.  All I need now is a soft bed.