New Orleans: Day 18

2015-07-03 12.30.08We made our way out under partial cloudy skies to find the Chalmette Battlefield.  For those of you who would like an historical capsulization, click here.  I learned this song when I was in about 3rd grade and I still remember it today.  Especially today.  2015-07-03 10.23.11The battlefield and the Mississippi River are surprisingly close together, but then everything here is close to the Mississippi River.  It is a beautiful place and, of course, hallowed ground.

2015-07-03 11.55.16From the battlefield we drove in to spend the rest of the day in the French Quarter downtown.  We found parking easily and then realized we were actually on the edges of the Quarter.  No matter, we would walk.  And, walk we did – absorbing the sights, sounds and smells as we went.


Impressions of New Orleans: Make of it What You Will

  • Cobblestones; cornerstones; Carnival masks; and crowds.
  • Hucksters; hilarity; horses and horns.2015-07-03 12.39.53
  • Buskers; barkers; balconies and benches.
  • Flags; food; flowers and fragrances for free.
  • Crayfish; candy; heat and hotels.
  • The blending of cultures – French influence tells.
  • Trinkets; jazz; monuments; markets and music galore.2015-07-03 12.52.08
  • That’s what I experienced in New Orleans – and more!



2015-07-03 13.56.18And, one lasting impression of New Orleans from this beautiful flower reaching beyond imprisonment.  Grace can never be locked away for only the “deserving.”  Beauty and grace are available for everyone, everyday, everywhere.  We only have to be present and awake to see it!