Abilene to Deming: Day 32

That’s Abilene, Texas to Deming, New Mexico, and just so you know, that’s a good long way!  Another 570 miles.  And, again, not much of interest to report.  Although we did drive through many variations of landscape that were quite beautiful.  2015-07-17 09.50.24There were wind farms outside of Abilene; 2015-07-17 15.09.19
and Frosty malts that weren’t frosty at a truck stop in 97 degree weather along Interstate 20;  2015-07-17 17.16.40The Guadalupe Mountains around El Paso 2015-07-17 19.44.38and the comforting welcome of a Comfort Inn in Deming, NM.

But the most exciting stop of all was a lonely little rest stop about 200 miles west of Abilene.  When we got out of the car I said to Randy “That looks like a flight tower.  And those look like Quonset huts.”  And they did.  2015-07-17 13.03.41But, it was just a rest stop along I-20 in the West Texas desert.  When we went inside to find the bathrooms we discovered that the rest stop was built to resemble and commemorate an old Army air field that had existed in that area and was a major training center during WWII.  Thousands of pilots had their advanced flight training in this area before being stationed overseas in both Europe and the Pacific.  2015-07-17 12.52.42The field was affectionately known as “Rattlesnake Bomber Base” because of the thousands of rattlesnake nests that were disturbed while building the field.  Officially, it was Pyote Army Airfield. It was a little surprise of history that we would have never known about if we hadn’t needed to stop and “rest” while racing to California.

Surgery is still on schedule for Monday.  We hope to be in LA by Sunday afternoon.