Adventures on Alcatraz

2016-02-22 10.25.46One more morning at Destination Bakery before we packed up to leave our wonderful accommodations at my cousin’s house in the Mission District of San Francisco. Upon entering the bakery, we could not believe who jumped up to greet us. It was our new found friend, the woman we met yesterday morning at the bakery. So, another great morning conversation that went from “I can’t stay long because I’m going to swimming lessons,” to “We can’t either because we have tickets to Alcatraz,” and it went from there. The range of topics again astounding us! From our Toyota Prius and learning to drive, to exploring the country by car or train, to Horatio Hornblower and family systems, to psych nursing. It was so delightful! How many people do you know where you can have so many interests in common? As we bid “good bye” to each other, we promised to stay in touch.

2016-02-22 10.58.28From there we drove to the north of town and the Fisherman’s Wharf area where we have a hotel for the next 3 nights.  After finding our hotel, we parked the car in their parking garage and walked to Pier 33 to catch our scheduled boat to Alcatraz Island.

The day was even lovelier than the last 3 days we have experienced here. Today it reached  66 degrees – with full sun!  We didn’t even need a sweater. The last time I was on a boat in San Francisco harbor it was the middle of July, and I wished I had my parka with me. All to say, the weather was unseasonably warm and lovely.

We stood in line to board the Alcatraz Clipper for our 15 minute crossing to “The Rock.” We were met by National Park Rangers who gave us an overview of the park. Then we set out on our own to explore.

2016-02-22 13.51.30It’s is a sobering place in a beautiful spot. Most of the buildings are now crumbling and in disrepair, but there is still evidence of the dwellings and Post that the Army had first erected in this place.  2016-02-22 13.27.31I guess I’m much less interested in criminal minds and maximum security cell blocks than most people. I would rather be outside to soak up the natural beauty of the weather and the local flora and fauna.

2016-02-22 13.56.39They told us that an average of almost 10,000 people visit Alcatraz a day, and I have to say I can’t understand the attraction. But, I’m not sorry I went. The boat ride alone was worth the journey.

2016-02-22 15.33.55Once back on shore we walked down to Fisherman’s Wharf and found some early dinner at the famous San Francisco Sourdough factory. It was probably more bread than I’ve eaten in the last month, but my oh my, was it good.

2016-02-22 16.36.40-2


Since our dinner allowed our legs to rest for a while, we walked on a little more, just exploring, until we reached our hotel for an early evening off our feet.

San Francisco is a beautiful place!