Absent, but coming still

I noticed something absent along the landscape as I walked the city this morning.  Gone are all the bright and colorful banners and posters on every corner, near every church, inviting the general public to Easter services.  Easter has come and gone and so have the signs, banners and posters.  We can only assume those welcoming banners are packed neatly away in some dark closet until they will be displayed again next year before Easter.

But, Easter has not gone, it is not absent.  Easter is coming still.  And all of nature is a reminder that new life is still happening all around us, even though the calendar says that Easter has come and gone.  Easter is a process, a coming to birth, more powerful than the journey of Lent.  Yet often we forget that, and find ourselves content that Easter has arrived.

Today’s powerful message that Easter is still unfolding comes to me courtesy of the wind.  It has been blowing like crazy these past two days.  It’s sunny and spring-time warm, but the wind can be fierce.  I have to lean into it as I walk and try and not let the bits of dust and pollen get into my eyes.  My hair is blown and whipped in every direction and I have to hold tight to my shopping bag or it gets pulled out away from me.

Easter brings the promise of the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit came among the disciples as tongues of fire, yes, but also as a mighty wind.

So, let the wind blow.  Welcome it and feel the touch and caress of the Holy Spirit.  Let it completely mess up your hair and bring tears to your eyes.  Breathe it in deeply.  Draw strength from its power.  We are not finished yet.  The Holy Spirit is moving, bringing grace for every moment.




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