Catching up with yesterday

February 24, 2016 – The local Denny’s served us up hot and speedy and we were fortified for the morning. First stop: the National Park’s San Francisco Maritime Museum. It displayed the history of this city and its maritime heritage in graphic and beautiful detail.  So now, a trip out to the old tall ships in the harbor. 2016-02-24 11.30.23The Balclutha had just returned to its berth following months of refurbishing, and was not open to the public for our examination because she still had 2 to 3 months of interior work yet to be done. But, she was beautiful, I’ll say that. She was built in 1886 and for more information about her specifications, go here. We admired her and her hull and masts and yard arms and were saddened that we could not board her for exploration.

2016-02-24 11.45.05But, all we had to do was walk on farther down the wharf and we were able to board the C.A. Thayer. She was built in 1895 and was a fine example of a tall sailing ship of the era. We crawled almost everywhere we could crawl and imagined ourselves on a long sea voyage. I can only imagine the adventures she must have seen in her day.

When we disembarked from the Thayer, we walked on down the shoreline to a National Park’s Annex and another museum that was origionaly built as a bath house during the WPA. Today it serves as a gallery where there was a most  intriguing photo exhibit of photographs of sailing ship’s crews, captains, sailors and their pets and/or families.2016-02-24 12.53.29 The photos were printed almost life size and the expressions and eyes of the individuals almost made me want to meet and talk to each one. These photos told stories all thier own – not only of the history of the day, but of the lives of the people who lived it. Proud people. Hardworking people. Sea-loving men and women. Highly skilled sailors. I spent a long time examining each photograph, each face and expression. It was a completely entrapping exhibit.

2016-02-24 12.12.02-1Time for lunch! The closest place looked the best, so we parked ourselves at The Pub BBQ at Ghirardilli square. And, it was delicious. We stopped into the chocolate store afterwards and accepted our complimentary chocolate for desert and we were set for the afternoon.

We took our time walking back along the bay to Pier 39, where we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring. I was also taking photographs along the way, you must understand, so it probably took us longer than the average tourist. We stopped to watch and photograph the sea lions tussle with each other for a spot in the sun. And we stopped for some much needed beverages. (The weather was extraordinary – 67 degrees, warm and sunny and much drier than Seattle!!!)

2016-02-24 14.18.34By 5 p.m. we were back at the hotel to rest our weary feet and revive ourselves for a few minutes before returning to my cousin’s house for our final diner in San Francisco. It was delicious, as always, and we enjoyed more stories of growing up in Iowa and other adventures since. We could not have asked for a lovelier time in San Francisco! And, I doubt if we could have managed to see one more thing.  2016-02-24 19.12.08


Oops . . . a quick edit, here.  We actually went on the Balclutha. It was the Thayer that had just returned from refurbishing. Both pictures are the Balclutha. Sorry for the confusion!