Leaving Flagstaff

This morning we left our little cabin for points south. We had a lovely week and managed to see all that we had planned. So, we left with good memories and our sights focused on the next stop, Phoenix.

img_20160916_124928516Along the way we stopped at the Arizona Commerative Air Force Museum. They are home to one of the 10 remaining air worthy B-17’s, Sentimental Journey. She was away on tour, but we certainly enjoyed the rest of the displays and information at the museum.

img_20160916_160507866_hdrToward late afternoon, we drove south of Phoenix to the site of Casa Grande, another National Park site dedicated to preserving the architecture and culture of ancient peoples who settled in the Sonoran desert and built an active agricultural society.

Then it was time to keep an appointment with a distant cousin who Randy met through ancestry research. Harry was so happy we had come to visit, and we were glad we had, too. We had an enjoyable dinner at Sweet Tomatoes, a very fresh style buffet soup and salad bar, and talked and shared as if we had known each other all our lives.

Harry has invited us to his home for breakfast in the morning. I’m sure it will be lovely. We are looking forward to meeting his children, who are our age, and talking more about our Midwest roots and the bonds that we share as family.