T minus One and Counting

One more evening at home. One more check to make sure we have everything. One more chance to add just one more item to the already fully packed car . . . and tomorrow we blast off.

Our travels will take us across this beautiful country – east and north and south before turning to come back around west again.  It will be an epic adventure covering many places we have not traveled to before, mostly across the northern Great Lakes region and into some of the middle southeastern region of Kentucky and Tennessee.  We are as ready as we can be to take in all the sights and experiences. Our list is long and includes National Parks; museums; points of local interest and history; meeting with friends and family; as well as any new-found acquaintances along the way.

Beauty and grace are everywhere! And, we know we will encounter both along the route. I’ll try to report each evening – as long as I have good internet and a reflection or pictures to share.  Join us, won’t you? We’re happy to take you along for the ride.

One more exquisite northwest evening . . . and we are off.