As we look forward to honoring our moms this weekend, the thought occurred to me that one day to honor moms is just not enough.  The reason, of course, is that our moms have done so much in our lives that one day just can’t hold all the appreciation we have for them.  But, also, perhaps, we need more time to honor moms because there are so many of them in our lives.

Yes, there is the one and only mom who gave us physical life and nurtured us in our youth – and there is no substitute for that!  But, if we think about it, most of us have other moms who have given us birth in other ways as well.  Many of us have particular people in our lives, be they of either gender, who have mothered us in very specific ways.  We can have spiritual moms, academic moms, courageous moms, servant moms, creative moms, leadership moms, or comforting moms.  Think about the people who have touched your life with the warmth and love of a mother’s heart.  So, as we honor our moms, let’s not forget or be afraid to honor the many other mothers – of either gender – who have mothered us and given us various aspects of life.

Thanks, mom, for all you’ve given me.  And thanks to my wonderful husband; my children; my long-time mentor; my spiritual directors; my colleagues and friends; my academic advisors; and even those strangers who have given some nurturing to me without their even knowing it!

Some have said that the greatest form of praise is imitation.  If that is true, we should not be afraid to reach out to others and be mothers ourselves.  More than likely there is someone waiting for us to open our hearts to them.  We are all meant to be mothers, because love is always needing to be born in our world. The motherhood we celebrate and we need to share is an attitude of the heart and mind, not simply a physical connection.

Happy Mother’s Day.  Say thanks to our mothers, yes, and then share the grace of motherhood with someone you know.



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