Day 32 – Cleaning, Packing and Repacking

It must be time to leave this lovely place. Some cleaning, laundry, sorting and packing was the order of business today. But, before all that we enjoyed a leisurely brunch made of the last of our breakfast provisions, out on our veranda. We feel like we are the only people in the world. It’s so quiet and peaceful here.

Next, a return to the laundry facilities and afterward, a good amount of cleaning, sorting and packing. Why does it always feel like I’ll never get this all back in our little Prius, when I KNOW it all came out of it? But, such was the puzzle for the day.

All of that took me into the dinner hour and we had a “clean out the fridge” dinner that was filling, but not very imaginative. I have to say, our planning was spot on, though. We will not waste anything, except perhaps a cup of milk.

I never got out for a walk, as I was intending, but while taking the garbage out I was grabbed by the amazing sunset. It was glorious! Our last gift from this special place. Beauty and grace abound here, even into the darkness. I could hear geese honking as they flew down the river; the crickets sang and their fellow insects joined the chorus. It felt like a special good-bye song just for us. We will not soon forget this time and this place.

The last of the packing will fill our evening and tomorrow we are on the road again.