Day 35 – (October 9) – A Drive; A President; Classmate; and Cousins

We left Cahokia, IL in route for Kansas City, MO and could hardly see the beautiful Arch we had seen the day before. It was almost totally obstructed by the morning fog.

We spent most of the day driving on Interstate 70 across Missouri. Fortunately, about thirty minutes before we reached the outskirts of Independence, we happened upon a Mexican Restaurant called “Mooches.”  It just sounded like the very best thing for the moment. And, it was.

The place was small and almost looked deserted. As we drove up we were fearful it might be closed. But, a cheerful hostess greeted us and explained it was so empty because it was a holiday and their usual lunch crowd was at home. We ordered lunch plates that were pipping hot and very  tasty, piled high with fresh greens and homemade guacamole. We decided it was the perfect lunch.

Back in the car, we soon found Harry Truman’s home and Visitor Center in Independence. Watching the film we learned many interesting facts about this under appreciated man. Since we learned so many things we didn’t know, we decided to buy the audio book about him by David McCullough to listen to on our way home. The Truman home remains a jewel for the people of Independence and they are also proud to host his Presidential Library as well. We drove over to the library, but chose not to go through the museum as it was getting late in the day and we had a schedule to keep.

A high school classmate of my driver’s had contacted him and made arrangements with us to meet near her home in Lee’s Summit, MO. She had requested a reunion at a Starbucks, which was not difficult to find. Interestingly,  this woman somehow recognized my driver immediately. I’m not sure I would recognize anyone I went to high school with!

We conversed for about an hour, trying to fit the passage of 45 years into the little time we had allotted. It’s interesting how even with the passage of time, there is so much that changes, yet so much that remains the same.

After leaving the Starbucks, we made our way to the home of cousins who were looking forward to our visit. They had the table set and a roast cooking in the oven. After being on the road for so many days, the warmth and aroma of a home cooked meal felt and smelt wonderful.

We had a lovely evening with these relatives and were very grateful for their gracious hospitality. They put us up in their guest room and after such a delicious meal and spirited reunion, we slept like babies.