The Sound of Grace

What does grace sound like?  Yesterday it sounded like the ring of the telephone.  Since moving here we rarely use the house phone, and even more rarely have received any calls that were not recorded solicitations.  After several rings I looked at the number, which I did not recognize, and for a split second I thought I would not pick it up – and then I did.

What a surprise to hear the voice of a friend from Seattle!  It was their last day in town and they wanted to take me to lunch before flying back home.  We had a lovely time and picked up the conversation right where we had left off – discussing topics and ideas that are near and dear to our hearts such as faith and family; grace and our need to be continually open to new learning.

What a grace it was!  And, I couldn’t stop thinking that I almost didn’t answer that ring.  So, don’t hesitate to find grace in the ring of the telephone and don’t hesitate to answer – even an unrecognizable number. Better yet, let’s take the time to make a call to someone we know and help to ring grace into their day.


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