Day 9: of Our Jaunt in June

A simple day of travel; leaving Red Bluff about 10:00 and taking the eastern road up to the Lassen Volcano National Park site, which was first on the agenda. The day was already hot, although when we increased in altitude the temps dropped slightly into the high 70’s.

At the park visitor center a visitor is actually standing in the bowl of the crater created by the volcano in 1914. What an amazing example of how resilient nature is. If one did not know, there is not even a suggestion of the destruction that happened at the beginning of the 20th century. The trees are straight and tall; deep and healthy green; with wildflowers blooming at their feet. We learned about the geology of the area and how the earth shifts and changes – unpredictably. It is a lesson for us all: we are not in control.

Coming back down the mountain, we traveled on, making tracks toward Yreka. Again, only in reverse, we passed through the mountains with Mt. Shasta looming in the distance until we turned to go around it. Again, it was stunningly beautiful. Traveling north, the sky was filled with filmy, soft-white clouds, but still, the mountain had the perfect opportunity to stand out.

We were able to stop at a lovely rest stop along Lake Shasta, fed by the Sacramento River (as well as three others). We made our comfort stop and I took a few pictures, and we traveled on.

By 4:20 we arrived in Yreka just in time to check into a motel and walk across the street to the Brown Bear Diner for some much needed dinner. It was simple, but tasty and filling and we went back to the welcome of an air conditioned room.

I took my walk out along the highway and found a unique grocery store; a Dollar Tree; a J.C. Penny’s; and a super Walmart. It made for a slower walk, but one that was interesting and entertaining. I usually don’t get to see what Walmart offers as my driver will never go to one! I don’t hold it against him, as he has a valid perspective; but I still like to look.

Since we don’t have cable TV at home, evenings like this are interesting when there are news items of particular interest. So, we are cabling the news tonight.