Day 11: of Our Jaunt in June

We prepared for a day of festivities. This was part of the reason for this whole trip. Our goddaughter graduated from high school on June 1st and was hosting her graduation party/open house today. We dressed for the occasion, left the motel and made a few familiar stops in the Portland area before the party began. A large Michael’s craft store and the ever popular Fabric Depot are two places I always HAVE to visit while in Portland. It seems they have a better selection of craft items and sewing fabric and notions than are available anywhere in Seattle.

Then on to the party. We arrived just as some drops of rain were beginning to fall, but the sun continued to shine. The smell of the rain gave the day a scent of “fresh and clean.” My brother’s house was full of friends and family, with snacks and hor d’oeuvres spread around their huge “knights of the round table” dinning table. Laughter filled all empty spaces and joy settled on every heart. Not only was our goddaughter recently graduated from high school, but her younger sister had just graduated from Eighth grade as well. So, there was double reason to celebrate.

My brother has a lovely family and a community of friends that would rival most people. They have lived in the same house and attended the same church since they were married 21 years ago. There is something to be said for stability. It shows in their friends and the comfort of their children.

Once the party was over we sat for a bit and visited with just my brother and his family. Then we said our good byes and traveled back to our motel. On the way, we were sucked into an Olive Garden, where my driver and I shared one entree of salad and lasanga. It was the perfect ending of a perfect day.

The sky outside our motel window was painted salmon pink and violet once again tonight. I had to take a picture just to remember how God paints the evenings when there is rejoicing over one (or two) graduation(s) in our family.