Returning to City Life

October 31, 2018

Another foggy start to the day. Gray and various shades of gray filled the color palette. We ate a quick breakfast and cleaned up our little abode in preparation for leaving. We wanted to catch the 1:30 ferry back to the mainland. While we knew we had lots of time, there is something in me that becomes anxious when I think I might miss something so important as the ferry back home. We wanted to be in the ferry line early, so as not to be left on the Island for lack of room. It’s always “first come, first served” in the ferry system.

So, after checking out, we found our way to Southsound and the ferry holding area. We were the first car to arrive! So, in between watching the locals come for their morning paper or coffee at the General Store beside the dock, we read our books and waited. To stretch our legs, we took a walk up the hill and found a little trinket shop and went in just to warm up. The lady at the counter was delighted to see us and we might have missed the ferry if we had stayed to listen to all her stories! I did find a pin and patch for my collections and she was happy to go through her till so she could help me add some National Parks Quarters to that collection as well.

The ferry arrived – right on time – and we were the first car on. As we parked, front and center, we anticipated a wonderful view of the sail home. We sailed in and out of rain; stopped at Saw and Lopez Islands; and took some time to explore the ferry. It was the Tokitae, one of the relatively new ferries to join the state fleet. Enjoying the views from the toe of the ferry was exciting but before we knew it, we were docking at Anacortes and our island adventure had come to an end.

We took I-5 to Quilceda and stopped at the Olive Garden for a much anticipated hot meal. It was the perfect recipe to warm us up and we enjoyed it hugely. For exercise, we walked around the mall once and returned to the car for the remainder of the drive home.

Arriving by 7:00 pm, we were just in time for Trick-or-Treaters. The quiet of the islands is delightful, but there is nothing like home and the amenities of comfort that are familiar – our own bed; our own hot water and shower; our own TV and internet; our own neighbors and their kids. There is grace and beauty here, too. We must not forget that.