The Cost of Adventure

What is the cost of adventure?

I was talking with one of my sons last night and we were discussing adventures and what it takes to make the decision to make a grand adventure happen.   After our year-long adventures here in D.C., it’s easy to say that taking such an adventure costs something.  But, what is the real cost?

My son and I explored some options and then we shared all the old maxims about setting out on an unknown path such as:  “Every journey begins with a single step.” And, “If you wait until you are ready, you will never do anything.”  And, “Doing something is infinitely more than doing nothing.”

In order to embark on adventure, sometimes we just have to do it.  . . . even when we don’t know where it will lead; even when we don’t know when or if we will return; even if we aren’t quite entirely ready.

After making the decision to move here last year, I met a man at the airport on my arrival. He had been here on business and was leaving for his return to Seattle.  I recognized him – he recognized me.  He had been one of my students several years ago.  I explained that my husband and I had just made the decision to make this great adventure to D.C.  He shared his joy for us and told me some advice that he had received as a young man.  When he was first in business he asked an experienced partner if he had any advice for someone just beginning on the job.  The advice he received he has never forgotten.  He was kind enough to tell me the story and share the advice with me:  “Never regret what you do.  Only regret what you don’t do.”

Last night, I passed this wisdom on to my son.  The real cost of adventure is never doing anything.  Can we afford that?

May we recognize the grace in adventure and have the courage to pay the price.

2 thoughts on “The Cost of Adventure

  1. That reminds me of a time in college. I was picking up a friend to go somewhere, (I don’t remember where) and when they got in my car and asked where we were going, I replied “We’re going on an Adventure!”.

    They just said “Oh, then I guess I should put on my seat-belt.”

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