Sunset, Sunrise

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote something like:  You can travel the world over in search of beauty, but unless you carry it with you, you will not find it.  As we settled into Nags Head and walked the beach in the evening light, I couldn’t help but remember the thoughts of Emerson.  This place, this time, this moment was truly beautiful in every way.

The following morning, in an uncharacteristic move, I awoke a little before 5:59 and was blessed to see the sunrise over the same beach.  There are not words to describe the beauty of the experience.  As the sun climbed higher with each minute, and changed in color from deep blood red to orange to gold and then to yellow, flocks of pelicans darted past and began to skim the surface of the water for their breakfast.  What a gorgeous sight.

A moment like this and the beauty of this scene is what I want to carry with me wherever I go.  I want to remember this moment of grace and peace.  Nature and quiet; awe and perfect beauty.  It was a moment of grace at the dawning of a new day that I shared with God.  Witnessing this dawning, and watching the unfolding of a new day made me feel very close to its Creator.

What beauty do you carry with you?

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