Stained Glass

I have often pondered what we might look like — what the world might look like — if some part of our anatomy were made of stained glass.

The beauty of our interior light would be able to shine forth to the world, and perhaps more importantly, we would be able to see the effects of our own interior beauty.  Most of us are unbelievers when it comes to our own goodness and beauty.  Yet, each of us is created in goodness and beauty and if we could only SEE it . . . perhaps we would believe.

Thomas Merton, following his own spiritual epiphany, once wrote:  There is no way of telling people that they are all walking around shining like the sun.”

Imagine how much light we could see in the world if some part of us was made of stained glass.  Imagine the grace and light that would be dancing and shining from us and from each person we meet . . . shining as brilliantly as the sun.

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