Grace Abounds

Yes, grace abounds!  And the reason I can say this with such assurance is that I found grace in the place where I would least expect to find it . . . the dentist’s office!

After losing a crown over the weekend I was sure that I would meet with great obstacles in finding a dentist that would serve my immediate needs.  You see, dentist’s chairs are not my favorite place and dentists . . . well, you guess the rest.

But, I was hugely surprised to find a dentist who quickly scheduled me, got me into her chair and explained to me all the procedures she was doing as she worked.  She was both personable and competent.  What a surprise!  And while I was in her chair I was able to look out her wall-sized windows into her small urban garden filled with flowers and garden art.  It was a grace beyond anything I expected.  And I walked away with my tooth repaired and my estimation of dentists improved.

Where have you been surprised to find grace today?

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