The Switch was Flipped

Last night I think the switch was flipped!  After a beautiful, sunny and hot day on Saturday, and a rainy day on Sunday, I went out on my walk this morning to find hints of an approaching Fall.  Well, Fall according to DC standards, that is!

While still being the temperatures of a summer day in Seattle, it is 25 degrees cooler here today and I began to notice red and yellow colors at the tips of some of the leaves on trees all over the neighborhood.  Yes, I think the switch was flipped!  Fall has been turned on.

As I walked this morning, noticing signs of Fall all around me, I wondered if we can allow ourselves to be switched on as well.  Nothing stays the same, and neither should we. It is a great grace to allow the tides of each day and the movements of the seasons to change us.  Our lives should be a continual birthing to new awareness, new relationships, new adventures, new life – no matter the season.

Let the switch be flipped and turn on the grace!



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