Still One Left

What’s a person to do if they leave home and forget their phone?  It never used to be a problem, as you know, since there were phone boxes on almost every corner in almost every city throughout the country.  But those were the days before cell phones and the convenient phone box no longer exists.  Now we carry our own phones and never have to worry about how we might be able to contact someone.

Still, if you happen to be in Turkey Run, Virginia and have no phone – you are in luck!  The last of the dinosaurs still stands and is still in working condition!

I just had to laugh!  It was such a funny sight – out in the middle of this lovely wooded area. And, I found it a little grace that here stood this working phone, waiting to be used for someone’s call.

It was a reminder to me that first we need to see the grace that surrounds us, name it as such, and then share the story of that grace with someone else.  And, we can pick up the phone and do that – even if we are in Turkey Run and have no phone with us!

Call someone you know and share a grace that you have seen today.

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