I’ve been extra aware of colors for the past few days now.  It all started because I was photographing on a cloudy/sunny day.  When the sun was full and shining on my subject, the colors were vibrant and beautiful.  If I was focusing or adjusting settings and the clouds came across my subject, the colors faded into the background.  What an amazing thing light is!  And, colors can only really truly be seen in all their vibrancy in the fullness of the light.

It got me to thinking about how much light we allow into our lives.  How do our colors shine forth to the world?  Do we embrace the sun and show ourselves vibrant in the glowing light, or do we welcome the clouds and prefer the muted colors of cloudiness?  I imagine we are all a mix of both, and that is some of the beauty of creation.  No one – not even creation – can survive in constant fullness of brilliant light.  We need some shade to mute our experiences or we would never see the brilliance and fullness of the colors of life when they do appear.

Appreciate the light that allows our colors to shine brightly, yes, but also appreciate the clouds that mute the brilliance so that we can recoup and recover to appreciate the brilliance of the sun once it returns.

Everything must ebb and flow; shine and recede; rise and set; wake and sleep; live and die.  Accept each moment as grace.

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