Inspiration.  What does it take to inspire us?  And, how do we inspire others?

When everything seems little more than ordinary, there is seldom opportunity for inspiration.  I think of this as I watch our political conventions this summer and wonder what makes something inspirational and something else simply ordinary?

“No matter what our attempts to inform, it is our ability to inspire that will turn the tides.” These words by author Jan Phillips touch me deeply today.

Information; the ordinary; and the current state of affairs  . . . are all wonderful, and they all have their place.  But, what inspiration does for us is heighten our awareness to see in new and different ways.  Inspiration helps us to see possibilities we may have been blind to, or may have lacked the imagination to see.  Inspiration gives us a blank page; a clean slate.  It gives us the ability to see the possibility that something might be different and might bring new life and new energy to our day-to-day existence.  We are inspired when we can feel, see, taste, hear, or touch the “more” that is possible.  Inspiration moves us, and we are inspired when we feel we may be capable of the “more” we didn’t know we had within us.  It is a movement that can “turn the tides.”

Inspiration is so much more than information.  And, it is dispensed largely by example.  The way we live our lives; express our joys and fears; handle our problems; or confront our challenges can all be the stuff of inspiration.  And much of it is spoken in our lives without words or explanation.

Who has offered you the grace of inspiration?  And, who do you think you inspire?

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