Avoiding the Storms

Living on the East Coast has made us avid storm watchers.  We’re not used to having so much weather activity during the summer months . . . and so, we watch the predicted weather changes.

In order to avoid a coming storm, and to maximize the weekend, we decided to travel east and south to visit Assateague and Chincoteague Islands in Maryland and Virginia, respectively.

We managed to avoid the storms and had a lovely weekend!  It was just far enough away to make us feel like we had traveled to another place and time.  The weekend felt like it was weeks and not just an “end.”  We came home refreshed and renewed from sights and sounds of beaches and the beauty of natural landscapes and protected wildlife.

Even without trying to avoid the storms we could treat ourselves to the grace of such a weekend more often!  Where do you go to avoid the storms?  Where do you find renewing grace when you’d rather not be in the eye of the storms of life?

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