A couple of years ago I came across a beautiful little prayer.  “O God, bless them.  Change me.”  It seems most appropriate to focus on this little prayer again during this Lenten season.  It is simple, straightforward and ultimately, life changing.  “O God, bless them.  Change me.”  All I need to do is stop focusing so much on myself and think of the other person.  They may not have had me in mind at all when they cut me off on the freeway or was rude in the grocery check out line.  They may not have even seen me as they pushed their way in front of me to get to the information desk first, not wanting to wait in line.  And all I need to do is remember the prayer:  “O God, bless them.  Change me.”

We are not privileged to the inner workings of others’ lives – many times we are not aware of our own – so how can we judge what might be their motives?  Ask God to bless them.  And then ask God for the courage to change us and our attitudes.

Lent is a time to practice what we preach; to try to improve the actions of our lives and make them more consistent with Jesus’ actions of love and compassion toward everyone.  This little prayer may help us.  “O God, bless them.  Change me.”

It is a graced moment each time we pray it.

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