The Thunder

Still getting accustomed to the weather patterns here, the thunderstorm last night surprised me, and I must admit, scared me a little.  As I laid in bed trying to sleep, the lightning flashed and the thunder crashed    . . .loudly and very close!

Trying to find some calm in the midst of the storm, I settled myself into prayer while the booming and cracking continued.  And in my prayer I was reminded of another time when there was thunder in my life.

I was tired and confused and teetering on new decisions and new directions.  As I drove home one evening I cried in exasperation “Oh, Lord, if only I had a sign that I’m doing the right thing!”  Just as the thought had become a cry in my mind, there was a huge thunderclap!  Just one thunderclap, mind you.  And you must understand, this was in the Pacific Northwest where thunder and lightning are rare to non-existent!

Remembering that event last night in the midst of this long and active thunderstorm, I roused myself to a new level of wakefulness.  I opened the ears of my heart and listened intently.  “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening,” I prayed with some intensity.

When did you last hear the grace of God speaking?  When did you last listen?

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