What does it mean for us to practice our faith?  I think it literally means that we keep trying until we get it right.  And, there’s no rush . . . we have a life time to get it right.  But, once again, Lent offers us the opportunity to improve our practice.

Like doctors who have a medical practice, or lawyers who have a legal practice, as spiritual beings we have a spiritual and religious practice.  That means we have to work at it, and it also means that it does not always come out perfect – but we keep trying.  My husband used to tell our kids when they were growing up that “Everyday is practice for tomorrow.”  How true that is!  So, every day we can practice to be a better person, a person more and more like Christ.  It doesn’t happen automatically, but by continual practice, day after day.

So, let’s use this day as a time to practice and to improve our prayer, our patience, our acceptance, our charity, our forgiveness, our ______________.  You fill in the blank.  What needs more practice in your spiritual life?

Each moment we practice our faith is a graced moment.

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