How would you describe the grace of movement over the passage of time?

There are no better words to describe how Vatican II moved through the church than these by John W. O’Malley, S.J. taken from an article in National Catholic Reporter this week titled Vatican II has already made us free by Robert Blair Kaiser.

Kaiser says “The council moved us to a new vision of the church.”  And, in the words of O’Malley that movement was

“. . . from commands to invitations, from laws to ideals, from definition to mystery, from threats to persuasion, from coercion to conscience, from monologue to dialogue, from ruling to service, from withdrawn to integrated, from vertical to horizontal, from exclusion to inclusion, from hostility to friendship, from rivalry to partnership, from suspicion to trust, from static to ongoing, from passive acceptance to active engagement, from fault finding to appreciation, from prescriptive to principled, from behavior modification to inner appropriation.”

I can only pray that this movement continues to grace the church and that we continue moving in these directions.

What are we doing to make sure the momentum of this graced movement continues?

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