The Calm before the Storm

Is there always a calm before the storm?  I think perhaps it’s true.  Yesterday it was 84 degrees, sunny, and beautiful.  Today it is foggy, soggy and colder.

So, I am appreciating yesterday all over again today!

Yesterday I took Metro downtown to find the National Navy Memorial amid the shining sun and colorful falling leaves.  Everyone was out in their shirtsleeves and enjoying the unseasonable weather.  The colors of the day were extraordinary.  I found the Navy Memorial and to my delight there were a few men with an impromptu band playing in the square.  General Hancock sat atop his horse in grand fashion watching the movements on the plaza below.  The seaman waited with his duffel bag and the sun cast shadows as it retreated for the day.


It was lovely to see such a beautiful memorial to the women and men who have served in the Navy and Coast Guard.  It was a bit hard to find – off the beaten path, if you will – in a city of memorials, but I’m so glad I found it.  The adventure was fun and the day was exquisite.  As all the workers poured from their office buildings I met my husband and we found a little hamburger stand for dinner.

Today the effects of Hurricane Sandy are heading our way.  Yesterday’s beauty was a reminder to enjoy the grace of each day.  Because we never know what tomorrow may bring.

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