Open Doors

There are more than enough times in life when doors are closed to us that it can sometimes be a surprise when a door is open.  What do we do when we encounter an open door?  The most natural response in the world is to walk right past it.  We can justify it all with words like “I don’t belong here; no one invited me in; I can’t go where I don’t know what’s on the other side;” and how many other admonitions that prevent us from taking the adventure through the open door.

Each new day is an open door.  And each day we make the choice all over again to live life to the fullest or to hold back and be safe, comfortable, and familiar.  And only we can make that choice.  No one else can make it for us.  The open door awaits us.

I noticed yesterday that even at the end of November roses are budding and, as is their destiny, opening to beauty, fragrance and full flower.

Are we choosing to remain buds forever, or are we willing to open up to our full potential by walking through the open doors into our future?

Grace will meet us if we take the step.

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