Ever wonder where you belong in the world? Where you can go to be no one but yourself?

Well, we all have a family and families can be the most wonderful of people.  Families can accept us for who we are, or they can add to our levels of stress by encouraging us to be better than we are at the present moment – sometimes both at the same time.

I ran across this quote from Pope Saint John XXIII the other day and couldn’t help but feel inspired.  He said, “I am of the same family as Christ — what more could I want?”

And, aren’t we all?  Christ is constantly and always accepting us as family members.  Accepting us for who we are right at this moment, yet at the same time constantly challenging us to be more.  Such is the life of the disciple.  At each graced moment along the journey we are both accepted and challenged, yet always, always, always loved by God.  What more could we want?



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