Moving Forward

How do we  move forward, carry on, propel ourselves forward over the holy ground of decision making when we don’t have all the information we need?  It’s like walking the razor’s edge; or a high wire, with no safety net visible.  It feels like being dangled over the crevasse of the Grand Canyon, and being asked just when we think we would like to drop – or, would that additional information really be all that helpful in this situation?

Sedona 156When others hold information that would be beneficial to us in making a decision, it can be excruciating.  We desperately want to make a decision, but someone holds essential puzzle pieces that would complete our picture and we are immobilized until they can share their information with us.  It complicates things to realize that we are never quite sure if the puzzle pieces they are holding actually belong to the puzzle that is the picture of our life.  So it becomes an exercise in waiting and putting our trust in God.  Then acting, regardless of what we thought we still needed.

Some days, I’ll admit, it sounds much easier to just roll over, pull the covers up over our head, and wait for someone else to tell us what to do.  But, life is never that easy.  And, we must continue to move forward, knowing that whatever decision we make will bring a grace and a future that we would otherwise never have known.  Go ahead.  Move forward.  Grace awaits us.

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