Decisions and Doors

2013 Jan 19 & 20 Gettys & Inaug 013The decisions have been made!  All the information we are going to get has been shared.  All the time we need has been taken.  And, after a brief flurry of negotiations from his department to try and encourage him to stay for a bit longer, my husband has put in his papers for retirement.  After 34 years of government service, we are closing the door on that period of our lives.  The years have been good, but we are not sorry to be looking at the other side of the closed door.  The time is right.

2012 May 19-31 trip San Fran & Seattle 836And so, another door will be opening – and it offers us the grace of time and space and a future filled with unknown and exciting experiences.  We can’t wait.  This will end our wonderful time in D.C., but we both feel the pull to be home.  We want to return to the Pacific Northwest and nestle ourselves in among the Sound and the Mountains and gather our family around us again.

That door to the future opens on Friday, February 1, which will be my husband’s last day at work.  Then we will have new horizons to explore and new graces to discover.  But, we will begin that time remaining here through D.C.’s beautiful Spring and begin our journey West around the first of May.

While we never planned for these dates, they have been revealed to us and all is grace!  What new journeys await you?  What grace is lurking behind the next door for you?

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  1. Dear Peg, Hooray are you really coming home! With yesterday's news of the Pope I right away wanted to discuss this with you. I feel this potential for change is a sacred step in our walk with God. I would love to hear your thoughts. Love to you and Randy, Janice.

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