Like a tree

I couldn’t help but be moved by today’s scripture readings.  Both Jeremiah 17:5-10 and Psalm 1 make reference to the person who trusts in the Lord.  Such a person is like a tree planted beside waters where they can stretch out their roots to the stream and never fear the drought when it comes.

Would that we all could let our roots go deep to the still waters of life in the Spirit.  I think that may be another grace Lent offers us.  This season gives us an opportunity to plant ourselves beside the waters so we can grow and stretch our roots out again and again, closer and closer toward the source of life we thirst for.  And, at the end of this Lenten season, we do not go back to the way were before – as if this were just a practice time to see if we could achieve something.  No, Lent is a time to extend ourselves beyond what we are now, to practice new ways of being and living, so that once Lent is over, we will have incorporated new habits and become a new person, more closely conformed to Christ our Lord.

So, we must practice the traits this season that we want to reflect to the world for the rest of our lives.  Like a tree planted near running water, with roots stretching deep to the source of all life, we can find strength and fruitfulness even in times of drought.  Graced moments can sustain us like the freshness of cool water.

Amazing to think about.  Even more amazing to live.


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