2013 Feb 14 Oak Hill Cem 017Walking this morning I noticed a yard covered with tiny spring crocuses.  Some were white, some purple, and they were so tiny I almost missed them – yet they covered the entire lawn.  I could only imagine that they will grow and increase in the days to come.

2013 Feb 14 Oak Hill Cem 029Perhaps these tiny flowers – the first of spring – are symbols of the graces in our lives blooming before we’ve even reached the end of Lent.  Perhaps they are symbols of our desire and are visible signs of our Lenten practices breaking through the hard ground of our winter lives.

It made me smile to think that something so small could be so beautiful.  And I thought about how each small effort we make this Lent to come closer to Christ is itself a grace.  And each grace we receive and recognize makes us all that much more beautiful, too!

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