Day Thirteen

2013 May 5-7 Berkshires-NY-VT 098After packing a lunch we set out to travel up the Hudson River Valley to the town of Saratoga where the decisive battle of the Revolutionary War was won.  The spot was extraordinarily beautiful and looked like it had been cut from a postcard.  It made me appreciate all over again what a gifted artist our Creator is!

We also found the town of Victory, NY where there is a large monument dedicated to the fallen men who fought the battle with ultimate success.

Realizing we were only a hop, skip and a jump from a town in Vermont that was on our family history tour, we headed our little Prius back east and entered our 11th state since leaving D.C. – Vermont.  There are not words to describe the beauty we drove past.  There were winding rivers with small farms; rolling hills with the spring foliage waving in the sunshine; small quaint communities and little burgs, some with homes sporting the laundry drying on the line. The sun-soaked sky was studded with white puffy clouds and the pallet of colors was stunning.  I never knew there could be so many shades of green.  With memories of Bubba Gump, we launched on a list of . . . spring green; olive green; river green; yellow-green; pea green; emerald green; sea green; forest green; lime green; evergreen; and, well, you can imagine the rest.  It made for a fun car game.  But truly, the spring tree’s colors were a sight to behold.

2013 May 5-7 Berkshires-NY-VT 142We found our way into Dorset, VT which is a little town believed to have been founded by my 5th great-grandfather, Isaac Underhill.  2013 May 5-7 Berkshires-NY-VT 162We found the marble quarry that he established and the roadside sign that gave proof to this bit of family history.  We found his grave and the graves of three generations of Underhill’s in the Maple Hill cemetery in town.  After stopping at a small gift shop for some maple syrup and a piece of VT marble, we made our way back south through lovely little local towns and villages to return to our base of operations in the Berkshire Mountains of MA.  What grace there was in every color of every sight, at every turn, in every spot!

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