One of our favorite phrases since moving to this part of the country is “Are we having fun yet?”

Here we are in the middle of Lent and I have to ask: Are we having fun yet?

Lent is not meant to be some joyless grind where we just have to withstand it to make it to the end at Easter.  This season is supposed to be a joyful season of re-examining, re-conditioning, and re-learning how to be more and more like Christ.  It is meant to be a season of re-birth and new life to be celebrated with culminating joy at Easter.

How are we doing?  While our Lenten practices may not make us ecstatic, we should at least be filled with joy while doing them.  The re-shaping, re-learning, and re-conditioning of our lives through our Lenten practices help us to be able to be made new into a more perfect follower of Christ, a more perfect image of Christ in our world.

Are we having fun yet?  Our faith and our practice, our Lent and our re-shaping should be a joy.  And every moment graced.


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