What do you think?

Saint Katharine Drexel is known to have said: “You have no time to occupy your thoughts with complacency or consideration of what others will think. Your business is simply ‘What will my Father in heaven think?'”

St. Katharine is right on one count, but I think it can be argued that there is someone else whose opinion we have to concern ourselves with.  We must ask ourselves in our reflection:  “What do I think?”

God’s thoughts and desires for us are expressed in our daily experiences and the thoughts and moments of reflection we have — so, what do you think?

If we have prayed and reflected and consciously thought deeply about something, it is safe to say God has probably weighed in on the matter.  Yes, we must concern ourselves with what our Father in heaven thinks, but we also must be attentive to what we think.  When what God thinks and what we think become consonant, then we can be sure that St. Katharine is right and we need not occupy our time with what others will think.

Think about it.  Let God speak to you and listen for the grace.


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