Do you read signs?

Sometimes it’s a difficult task to read directional signs when we are driving by at 35, or 65 miles per hour, in heavy traffic and our minds are filled with so many other important things.  We have to be able to read that sign in a split second, make a decision, and act – all within a moment, or traffic will tell us we have missed the opportunity.  When that happens and we’ve missed the turn, our little “Gypsy” in our phone (or, GPS navigator, if you will) will mechanically tell us “Make the next available U turn.”

But what if we have missed the signs in life?  What if we have missed the gentle and caring touch of someone who cares?  Or, the quick but sincere smile of a stranger meant to give us a boost?  Or, the soft words spoken by a co-worker meant to give us encouragement?  If we have missed these signs, there are no U turns available.  We can only resolve to be more attentive the next time.

So, let’s slow down a bit and make sure we are attentive to the signs around us.  Perhaps, along with noticing the signs intended for us, we should also resolve to offer some of those signs of God’s presence to others.  It doesn’t take much . . . a quiet moment to listen to someone else; a compliment on a job well done; a caring question about an elderly parent; or a little interest in someone’s joy or sorrow.

U turns are difficult to make.  So let’s read the signs attentively, make a decision and take action.  Each will be a moment of grace.


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