St. Petersburg: Day 23

Subtitle: Nothing but fun!

My friend picked me up and we went out for a fabulous breakfast at a little hole in the wall place that was jammed with people.  My friend assured me that’s the very best sign that an establishment does food well.  And, they did.  Sufficiently fortified for the day we made our way to St. Petersburg and the Chihuly Museum of Glass.

2015-07-08 13.15.56Chihuly is a Northwest artist, but obviously has students and admirers here in Florida.  And, a museum.  The lights, colors, forms and displays of glass art objects was stunning.  We stayed and sat among the colored glass, not to mention the air conditioning, and talked and talked, renewing our friendship.

We traveled farther down to Treasure Island and walked the boardwalk, but it was so hot in the afternoon sun that we ended up in “Bubba Gump’s” for iced drinks.  A young man came to serve us and I had to look twice . . . he looked just like Forest Gump!  I asked him if anyone ever told him he looked like Forest Gump and he just looked at me like I was from another planet.  Then I realized, he probably wasn’t even born when “Forest Gump” was a popular movie.

2015-07-08 16.46.18Wanting to avoid the heavy traffic back into Tampa we decided to make a side trip to the St. Petersburg Cathedral of St. Jude.  I was amazed as I walked in!  It is probably one of the most stunning examples of post Vatican II architecture I have ever seen.  It was beautiful beyond words and had many subtle suggestions of scripture and nature embedded within the artwork and the structure.

All of that was followed by dinner at “Hog Heaven BBQ” and the day was complete!

Randy occupied himself by taking the car in for service and then taking a nap.  Sometimes the hard things just have to be tended to!