Orlando: Day 24

This was another day with my friend and she wanted to go to Orlando, so to Orlando we went.  We passed “Dinosaur World” and “Disney World” and found our way to the Basilica of Mary Queen of the Universe. 2015-07-09 16.03.47 It’s a relatively new structure built to accommodate the tourists who come to the area in hoards.  And it is an interesting blend of “old” and “new” Catholic.  Something for everyone, I guess.  Yes, very Catholic.

We walked the nave and sat before the Blessed Sacrament and went to noon mass.  Then we went to lunch at a Texas Longhorn place next door.  Following lunch we returned to the Basilica book store and museum.  2015-07-09 14.45.14We met a very famous person there and had our pictures taken with him!  And as the afternoon grew long, we started back to Tampa to meet Randy for dinner at a restaurant close to where we are staying.

But, Randy had to wait a little longer than he thought he would as we got lost on the way home and found our way back to “Dinosaur World” more than once!  We laughed that if we’d just decided to go there first, we might not have had such a problem.

Another fun day in the hot and sweaty; sunny and rainy mid-section of Florida.  But it was all worth it just to be with friends and be photographed with Pope Francis!2015-07-09 14.45.30 (2)