Another Day: 27

News from home last night has us a little distracted today.  If you have an extra minute and are inclined, please say a prayer for one of our sons who is in the hospital.

After spending most of the night thinking about every possible way we might be able to get to him in a minimum of time, we decided to wait and see if we could learn more news of his situation. We talked with him on the phone, and then we decided to travel on, checking in with the West Coast at every stop.

2015-07-12 11.34.53-1We bid adieu to Florida and crossed the waterway into Georgia, taking the very first exit for St. Mary’s and the Cumberland Island National Seashore. The little town of St. Mary’s is very picturesque, but I must not have been in the mood for photography as I neglected to take a picture.  Since the views of the Cumberland Seashore would have involved a ferry to the island, we elected to take a long view over the water and move on.

2015-07-12 12.57.24An hour later we stopped at Fort Frederica on St. Simon’s Island which is another fort from the 1700’s where a small group of British pioneers settled and formed a lucrative and thriving community.  What stunned me the most was the grove of live oaks filled with Spanish moss.  They looked like monsters from a Disney movie – but were beautiful, too.

2015-07-12 16.46.20Another hour up the road and we arrived at Savannah, GA and found our way out to Fort Pulaski, another coastal artillery fort from the Civil War era that is strung along these Atlantic shores.

As the daily thunder began to announce the rain, we made our way to a hotel and checked in with all our boys.  What did people do before there were cell phones?