Savannah: Day 28

Following an anxious night and worrying about our son, we felt some relief when his older brother jumped on a plane to be in Southern California with him while he’s in the hospital.  Still no word on surgery or not, so we are hopeful waiting is a good sign. Thank you all for the many prayers and messages.  It is such a grace to know so many people care.

2015-07-13 16.12.54There are many wonderful things to do in Savannah, but since we were so distracted and spent much of the day on the phone with our boys, we only made it to one attraction today: The Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force.

It is a wonderful memorial to the men and women who fought and died serving in the 8th Air Force from it’s birth in 1942 to the present day.  There was one experience that had us collecting in the briefing room before a mission and then moving into a theater that simulated we were in the plane on the mission.  Many of the films and displays were very explanatory and presented with great attention to detail and accuracy.

2015-07-13 15.04.34Between the different displays or halls, we would talk to the boys and then continue on, but sometimes it was difficult to concentrate.  Still, it was good to be reminded that in 1942 young men were leaving high schools all over the country to man the planes that would fly bombing missions over Germany.  They were no more than teenagers, and many, many of them never lived to see their twenties.

2015-07-13 19.17.55In the memorial garden there is a chapel built to honor the “Fallen Angels.” It was quite stunning and a fitting tribute to the sacrifices made by so many.

As the museum closed, we made our way back to the hotel and saw the storm clouds gathering.  The clouds and light and darkness of a typical Georgia sunset graced the sky!