Chocolate Melting Hot: Day 44

2015-07-29 11.40.43Driving across the Mojave Desert and up the central valley of California today we learned something interesting.  M&M’s – the candy that “melts in your mouth and not in your hand” – actually explodes and breaks that protective “candy coating” at about 109 degrees.

That was the air temperature today! And the hottest temperature I think I’ve ever been in – except for the 115 degree “heat index” in St. Augustine, FL. But on that day the air temperature was only 95.

2015-07-29 13.08.07We drove through the San Bernadino Mountains; through the Mojave Desert; through Edwards Air Force Base where the Space Shuttle landed several times; and turned north on good old highway 99 to make our way home.  2015-07-29 13.42.34We saw orchards and trucks and trucks and trucks – several filled with boxes of grapes and one double truck bed filled with tomatoes.  I could only imagine what the tomatoes at the bottom of all that looked like!

2015-07-29 20.32.25We are resting in Modesto tonight.  Jacob is doing well and told us he took a short walk today with a friend.  Each time I think of what the alternative could have been I say another prayer of gratitude.