Hotter than . . . : Day 45

Due to nonexistant wifi last night, this is going up today – but Day 45 was July 30, 2015.

We are working our way up central California, but it seems slow going.  We didn’t launch out of Modesto until 10:00 and when we stopped for a bite to eat in Red Bluff, we just stopped.  We found a Comfort Inn and escaped into the shade of a cool air conditioned room.


The temperature today in Red Bluff reached an all time high – 113 degrees.  Every time we opened the car door it felt like crawling into the oven with the turkey on Thanksgiving.

We passed many produce trucks again today – another double wagon filled to the brim with tomatoes and a flat bed filled with crates of pomegranates.  They had “Pom Wonderful” printed on each crate.



In the hottest part of the day we were driving through olive groves.  I don’t ever remember seeing olives ripening on trees before.  The trunks of some of the older trees were beautiful.


There was also a rest stop along I-5 that was populated with beautiful trees.  I asked someone what kind of trees they were and she said “We call them Paper Trees.” I’m not sure if that is correct or not, but in searching a little I thought they may be eucalyptus.  Beautiful, whatever they are.

Just rested and read through the evening.  It was good to have a short day in this heat.