Alleluia! He is risen, just as he said.

The darkness slips away. The sun rises and the minutes pass as they do every other day.  Yet, unless we have spent our Lent preparing for this first day of days, it will be no different than any other day.

Have our eyes and hearts been opened?  Have we broken out of narrow and confining mind sets?  Have we reached out to others in uncommon love, kindness and forgiveness?

If we have — then we, too have died to old ways so as to rise to new life with Christ Jesus!  And, if we have risen, then through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can also see Him risen in every person we meet – indeed, in every living thing.

The stone has been rolled away.  Christ walks among us and within us!  May every moment be graced with Easter faith.  New life begins today.  Happy Easter.


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