Another Day – Or Two

2016-02-18 09.32.32-1YESTERDAY (Feb 18) we woke up to snow in the mountains and some even on the ground . . . but it was melting quickly under the rising sun. We packed out of Yreka and continued south listening to “Hamilton” and enjoying the California beauty. We passed Mt. Shasta shrouded in clouds, but I still had to try for a picture. The sun was struggling to peek through, but the clouds were winning.

2016-02-18 11.18.55-1From the mountains we descended into broad valleys lined for miles and miles with flowering fruit trees. I only wish I knew what kind of fruit trees they were. They looked like cherries – but could have been plums. And then I thought perhaps they might have been almonds as we have a friend who grew up on an almond farm in this area.

Just about the time we realized we were hungry, we saw a large billboard sign advertising “Black Bear Diner.” Since we had enjoyed our meal the evening before, we opted for another meal with the black bear family. And, we were not disappointed.

We arrived in the Bay Area just prior to rush hour and we found the most stunning rest stop at the rise of a hill. From that vantage we could see much of the bay and the very tips of the Golden Gate Bridge. It only made us eager for more. So, we got back in the car to find our way into San Francisco.

When we arrived where our Gypsie (that’s our name for our GPS) told us to be, we didn’t recognize the spot. We were in San Francisco, but not at my cousin’s house. Blame it on bad navigation – and a mis-typed house number! We finally found the right address and were greeted by our hosts.

We unpacked the car and took a short walk to Mission Dolores – which had just closed as we approached. We must go back before we leave. Then we all went out to dinner at a lovely local spot, serving up fine food with a Louisiana flair. It was delicious.

2016-02-18 20.01.25Walking back from the restaurant, we took a detour to walk along Castro Street amid the bustle of evening business and shopping, people returning to their homes, and theater goers. San Francisco is so vibrant and alive!


TODAY (Feb 19) we packed out early and went to my cousin’s bakery – Destination Bakery – for a little breakfast. It was even more delicious than the dinner the evening before. Our grandmother was a fine baker and I have many memories of her baking marvelous treats — but I think my cousin is even better! If you are ever in San Francisco, you must stop at The Destination Bakery. You won’t be sorry. Promise.

2016-02-19 10.50.48Our next stop was Land’s End, where the coast meets the Pacific ocean. It was remarkably beautiful and I stood for long periods just taking in the scene – and taking some photographs. Inside the visitor center, I purchased my National Parks Senior Visitor Pass, one perk of getting older. It’s the best spent $10 around. And, it’s good for the rest of my life. All the natural beauty of our country for $10. Who can beat a deal like that?

At noon we drove across the Bay Bridge to visit a dear friend whom I had worked with for over 20 years. He took us to a lovely Persian restaurant and we talked and shared old times. It was so very good to see him again.

2016-02-19 16.00.35Interestingly, he lives just blocks from Christ Our Light Cathedral, so after lunch we walked over to the cathedral and spend about an hour just marveling at the beauty of the place. Truly a place of grace in many ways.

Coming back into the city we explored a little more and found a little pizza place for dinner before going upstairs to see the latest Star Wars movie.  That was preferable to walking through the city in the rain.

All told, two lovely, grace-filled days amid the sights and sounds and tastes  of San Francisco and the surrounding area.