An Anniversary Journey

Today we turn toward home.  We left Sacramento quickly and quietly, knowing we wanted to cover the 475 miles between Sacramento, California and Eugene, Oregon.

2016-02-27 09.47.11We passed the lovely orchards we had passed just a week ago when they were in full bloom — but today, they were losing their petals and sprouting leaves.

2016-02-27 11.31.34We rose the elevation into the Siskyou Mountains and saw a beautifully illuminated Mt. Shasta in the far distance. 2016-02-27 13.41.13And when we rose to the summit, close up, we found her snow covered slopes in the cold of clouds.

We grabbed a quick lunch at our favorite Brown Bear Inn at Yreka, and descended into the sunshine of Oregon and a beautiful sunset, while still on the road. 2016-02-27 17.25.26

Driving on in darkness we listened to “Hamilton” again and a CD of instrumental music we bought from a street musician on Pier 39 in San Francisco who played the Long Stick – a form of 12 strings on a long board. It was something between a 12 string guitar and a hammered dulcimer. Quite beautiful. Along the way we also talked and laughed and planned and reminisced about the last 40 years.2016-02-27 17.54.46

It was 40 years ago today we stood before the altar and promised our love to each other. And, after 40 years, the words of Jack London in “Little Lady of the Big House” puts some perspective to the event.

“The years pass. You and I pass. But yet our love abides – more firmly, more deeply, more surely, for we have built our love for each other, not for the sand, but upon the rock.”

What a wonderful week of memories we have to add to our collection. This has been a fantastic anniversary trip. Tomorrow we will be home again. Solid, together, still in love, at home on our rock.